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My Hero – Two Years On

med_convocationSo, when I wrote my previous post I had no idea that I’d be making another related entry, so far down the line. More than two years later, the family is happily settled in Canada and My Hero has completed the Master’s in Education at Queen’s University, Kingston, that she had been accepted for what seems a lifetime ago.

November 2011 saw her convocation and now, she is well into the first year of her Ph.D.

I can’t tell you how much you have my love and respect My Beautiful.

I’d like to say the self-doubt has disappeared with the completion of the Master’s, but unfortunately no. Personally I reckon she’ll still be lying awake at night, worrying about whether she’s good enough for the next research group, when she’s years into her first Prof’ job. All I can say to that is, I’ll still be there to listen and love, but… whenever I’ve told you you’re more than good enough, whenever I’ve told you how things would pan out in your academic training and career… to date, I have never been wrong once… not once.

I am so proud of you My Love.


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