paulg_emailI’m not a big fan of Facebook (FB) or Twitter, too much crap, advertising and lousy security. Also, I wanted something open to everyone, and I didn’t want everyone perusing my more personal stuff on FB, then linking to friends and family a bit too easily for my liking. One day I’ll get rid of the FB account, and I swear I will never open a Twitter account whilst there is breath in my body.


Oh, and a quick tip if you want to reduce the amount of spam in your inbox—don’t put links to your e-mail address on the internet.


facebook_logoYes I’m on Facebook. I don’t like it and I’m constantly saying I’m going to come off of it, but it’s useful for keeping in touch with friends & family over the ocean. So, until I really do delete my account, you can find me there.



flickr_logoThe only decent product in the Yahoo portfolio for quite a while, and woefully neglected by their developers.

Flickr is an excellent resource, which stores a huge amount of photo’s at their original resolution—something FB and the others just can’t do. You’ll find photo’s of the family – Daniel (b. 19/08/1992), Abigail (b. 06/07/1995) and Amelia Joyce Patricia (b. about 16:10, 25/11/2004, 5lbs 61/2oz), not to mention Lorraine, myself, our parents, the rest of the family, friends, pets and everybody else, what we all get up to and all the rest, are here…

linkedin_logoLastly there’s LinkedIn; I’m told people still use it, so I keep it going… for now.





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